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Archtober 2016 Building of the Day

Archtober is accepting nominations for projects to be included in New York City’s month-long festival of architecture and design. Each day in October 2016, the event will feature a Building of the Day as a noon-time, architect-led tour.

Building of the Day tours are the centerpiece of Archtober. With the goal of making exemplary architecture and the work of architects more accessible to the general public, the lunchtime tours, led by the project’s architect, generate international publicity and provide a platform for engagement in important issues in the New York City built environment.

The building can be located in any of the five boroughs of New York City and does not need to be a recently completed project. The building must be available for a lunchtime tour during October 2016. The building should be nominated by the architect, who is responsible for clearing the copyrights of the images submitted. The deadline for submissions is Friday, April 29.

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